Grupo TT

Who should I contact if I want to request a transport offer?

You can contact a branch office in your area or call our headquarters and ask for the international department.

How do I get access to the private customer area?

You can contact the office responsible for your transports or send an e-mail with your details (first and last name, company name and tax number) to the following e-mail address: info.central@grupo-tt.com

Which documents are available in the customer area?

In addition to various customer-specific invoicing and reporting services, you can download your own delivery notes signed by the recipient and/or display in real time the position of the trucks transporting your goods.

Is the customer area secure?

You will receive a password and a digital certificate issued by Grupo TT. This guarantees that access to the customer area is provided exclusively by the authorized person and from the selected computer.

What are your areas of expertise?

All over Europe, including eastern countries and Turkey.

Which area is managed by the international department?

Transport on the Iberian Peninsula is considered to be domestic transport. The International Division therefore deals with freight transport beyond the borders of the Pyrenees (in both directions).

Do you also carry out transports to the Balearic and Canary Islands?

Yes, we travel daily to Palma and Ibiza. We load the complete articulated lorry in the ports of Valencia, Barcelona and Denia. We do not take our lorries to the Canary Islands, but you can arrange for them to be transported in containers.

Do you also offer container services?

Within the Group, there are companies that offer these services - from the client to the customer. Grupo TT only transports containers.

Are the goods insured?

Yes. All our estimates include freight insurance under the terms and conditions prescribed by law.

How long is the delivery time?

This depends on the type of service (complete load or groupage transport). In general, the maximum driving distance of a truck is 600 km/day.

What is the payload of a trailer?

A standard trailer has approximate dimensions of 13.6 m long, 2.48 m wide and 2.75 m high (approx. 93m³). The maximum payload is determined by the total weight of the towing vehicle (tractor + trailer + load). In Spain, the payload must not exceed 40 tonnes (approx. 24,500 kg load).

Where is a Tautliner type semi-trailer loaded?

Tautliner or "with sliding tarpaulin" type semi-trailers can be loaded in a variety of ways as required: either over the roof and the rear side of the ship or on both sides, making them suitable for transporting all types of goods.

What is a Europool pallet? How many Europool pallets fit on a semi-trailer truck?

A Europool pallet has external dimensions of 1200 mm * 800 mm. A semi-trailer can accommodate between 33 and 34 pallets.

What is an American pallet? How many American pallets fit on a semi-trailer truck?

An American pallet has external dimensions of 1200 mm * 1000 mm. 26 American pallets fit on a semi-trailer.